eco-conscious packaging

We recognise that our packaging choices have the potential to impact the environment, and as such, we have a responsibility to provide sustainable packaging solutions. In designing and procuring our packaging for minimal impact, we applied the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisations Sustainable Packaging Principles and discovered the challenges of balancing various environmental criteria with functionality, commercial considerations and consumer behaviour. We’re proud of what we came up with, we know it’s not perfect, but we’re confident it has environmental benefits over conventional packaging and we’re committed to seeking opportunities for continual improvements as per our environmental policy.

Compostable pouches

Our resealable pouches are made with certified compostable laminates comprising plant-based raw materials. The compostable films used in our kraft pouches are certified to European standard EN 13432 with the OK Compost Home, OK Compost Industrial and Seedling conformity marks. Our black pouches are sourced from Econic and the films have been individually certified to the Australian home compostable standard AS5810, the American compostability standard ASTM6400, the European compostability standard EN 13432 including OK Compost Home. Whilst the laminate materials are certified as compostable, the ‘completed’ packaging structures have not been certified, as this is a cost-prohibitive exercise for most small businesses.

Eco-friendly labels

The eco adhesive labels on our black and kraft pouches are sourced from Black Rainbow Sustainable Printing. The labels comprise Forest Stewardship Council certified paper and non-toxic adhesive. Although not certified as compostable, in-house tests show they do biodegrade in compost settings.

Our compostable courier labels are sourced from The Better Packaging Co. and are certified industrially compostable (EN13432). The adhesive is also carefully formulated to include a high percentage of renewable materials.

What to do with your used packaging

Consumer understanding, awareness and behaviour have a huge impact on the re-use, recycling and composting of used packaging materials. We know you’re genuinely keen to tread a little lighter on the earth, so to make your job easier, we’ve provided recommendations to get you thinking and acting on how to end-of-life your empty packaging.