giving back program

We consider it important to acknowledge and support the environment and Indigenous heritage that underpins our business, and for that reason, we created our Giving Back Program.

We recognise that conserving, protecting and restoring land is essential to a healthy environment and that effective land management is key to sustaining Australia’s natural landscapes and the resources they provide to all life.

Bush Heritage is an independent not-for-profit that buys and manages land, and also partners with Aboriginal people, to conserve our magnificent landscapes and our irreplaceable native species forever. Bush Heritage work across 11.3 million hectares of land, their reserves and partnerships protect threatened ecosystems and over 6,359 species of plant and animals, including threatened species. When you purchase our Gin Creator pack, we donate 2.5% of the profit to the Bush Heritage to support their inspiring work in conserving our magnificent landscapes and irreplaceable native species. Donations expected to be made twice a year.

Indigenous Australians have a deep and ancient understanding of Australia’s extraordinary native botanicals and how to use them – they have lived sustainably with this land for over 60,000 years; growing, harvesting and eating from an array of different native foods. Indigenous Australians have been incredibly generous in sharing their traditional knowledge of bushfoods, and yet, Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are relatively under presented in the native food industry.

The Outback Spirit Foundation was founded for the purpose of helping Aboriginal enterprises raise money to grow and market native bush foods; facilitating agricultural and market links between buyers and sellers with their agricultural output in regional and national markets; and building better, healthier, futures growing Australian Native Food with Aboriginal farmers in rural and regional Australia.

When you purchase our G&T Tea and Spiced Bush Wine blends, we donate 2.5% of the profit to the Outback Spirit Foundation to support their work in providing Indigenous enterprise and people the opportunity to develop their ideas and business in an authentic Australian bush food supply chain. Donations expected to be made twice a year.

As our business matures, we hope to be able to increase our donations and expand our Giving Back Program.