Bush Botanical Garnish Kit


A collection of bush fruits and wild florals to add an Aussie twist to your favourite cocktails and mocktails. Use in place of traditional garnish ingredients.

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Our bush botanical Garnish Kit provides a totally unique opportunity to adorn your cocktails or mocktails with the distinctive touch of the Australian bush.

The botanicals are freeze-dried or air-dried at the point of fresh, so they retain their intense flavours.  Dried garnishes are convenient, attractive and offer the opportunity to explore some of Australia’s incredible native ingredients. We’ve put together a bush botanical line-up that we know you’re going to love:

  • quandongs – a glossy crimson native peach that tastes sweet, sour and salty.
  • wild rosella flowers – slightly tangy and infuse a pretty touch of pink.
  • Tasmanian pepper berries – freeze-dried crunch with a fiery punch!
  • sunrise lime (mandarin/kumquat cross) – vibrant yellow with a soft lime & mandarin flavour.
  • desert lime – tastes like zesty lime and grapefruit.
  • finger lime – refreshing lime with a touch of citrusy tartness.
  • Davidson plum – reminiscent of tangy rhubarb and imbues a delicate tinge of pink.

Made in Australia with 100% Australian ingredients.

Our garnishes come in a stylish glass jar with a bamboo lid – definitely a keeper!

The Garnish Kit will dress 20 or more glasses depending on how dressy you’re feeling.


By dressing your cocktail or mocktail, you can add flavour, art, fun and sophistication. Select garnishes to enhance of compliment the signature flavours of your drink.  Generally, like goes with like, but there’s no hard and fast rules.

Go wild! Taste Australia and create your new favourite bush cocktail/mocktail.