Garnish Kit


The bush botanical Garnish Kit provides a totally unique opportunity to adorn your gin or cocktail with a distinctive touch of the Australian bush. The tantalising flavours of Australian native fruits, berries and spices will enhance or complement your gin or favourite cocktail.

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Our bush food inspired garnishes come in a stylish glass jar with bamboo lid – definitely a keeper!

The botanicals are freeze dried or air dried at the point of fresh, so they retain their intense flavour.  Dried garnishes are convenient, attractive and offer the opportunity to explore some more exotic options. We’ve put together a bush botanical line-up that we know you’re going to love:

  • finger lime chips – zesty native lime with a touch of citrusy tartness
  • muntries (emu apples) – spicy apple, yummo!
  • red centre lime chips – sweet, yet tart, with lime undertones
  • riberries – tart with hints of spicy cinnamon and nutmeg
  • Tasmanian pepper berries – elevate your cocktail with a fiery punch!
  • quandongs – sweet, sour and salty native peach
  • wild rosella flowers – adds a pretty touch of pink.  

The Garnish Kit will dress 20 or more glasses depending on how dressy you’re feeling.

Additional Information

By dressing your gin, you can add flavour, art, fun and sophistication. Select garnishes to enhance of compliment the signature botanicals in your gin.  Generally, like goes with like, but there’s no hard and fast rules.

Don’t forget, it’s not just about gin. Our garnishes can be used on a wide variety of cocktails. Quandongs go well in whiskey-based drinks, rosella infuses a touch of pretty pink, muntries are definitely a garnish you’ll want to eat, use wild citrus to replace traditional lemon & lime.  Why not try a riberry shrub or a Tasmanian pepper berry and pomegranate gin cocktail? Go wild and create your new favourite bush cocktail.