Native Lime Garnish Kit


Add some native citrusy zest to your cocktails and mocktails!

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A collection of Australian native limes and cultivars, to add an Aussie twist to your favourite cocktails and mocktails.

We’ve put together a lime line-up that we know you’re going to love:

  • desert lime – tastes like zesty lime and grapefruit.
  • sunrise lime (mandarin/kumquat cross) – vibrant yellow with a soft lime & mandarin flavour.
  • finger lime – refreshing lime with a touch of citrusy tartness.
  • red centre lime (finger lime & Rangpur lime cross) – sweet, yet tart, with lime undertones.

Our ingredients are freeze-dried at the point of fresh, so they retain their intense flavour and vibrant colours.

Made in Australia with 100% Australian ingredients.

Our garnishes come in a stylish glass jar with a bamboo lid – definitely a keeper!

Additional Information

Use in place of traditional lime garnishes.

The Native Lime Garnish Kit will dress 20 or more glasses depending on how dressy you’re feeling.