Outback Punch


Packed with yummy bush fruits and native goodness.

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  • You can use the Outback Punch mix to create a spiced rum or white rum version
  • Omit the alcohol if you prefer a non-alcoholic version

The ingredients we’ve gathered for this little beauty includes cardamom pods, Davidson plum powder, finger lime chips, finger lime powder, muntries, rainforest lime slices, red centre lime chips, riberries, sunrise lime powder, quandong powder, quandongs.

What you bring to the party:

1 cup of spiced rum, 6 cups of ginger ale and 3 cups of tonic


1/2 cup of white rum, 1/2 of cup vodka, 6 cups of lemonade and 3 cups of tonic.

The mixology process is super easy and full instructions are provided on the pack.

Our Outback Punch comes in an eco-conscious pouch which will break down in your home compost or worm farm.


The products in our Outback Range are totally unique! – they capture the Aussie spirit by delivering an Australian twist to more traditional beverages.