Premium Gin Kit


Handcraft your very own Australian inspired gin using distinctly Australian native botanicals. Adorn your gin or cocktail with a touch of the Australian bush.

To complete your order, you’ll need to choose two of our bush botanical blends (see details in description below).

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The Premium Gin Kit contains everything you need to transform 2 x 700ml bottles of unflavoured vodka (not provided) into your very own artisan gin imbued with the wonderful flavours of Australian bush botanicals. We’ve even included bush food inspired garnishes to help you complete your Australian gin experience and our periodic table of Australian botanicals as a guide to the native plants used in our products.

The gin making process is super easy and only takes 36 hours – it’s all explained in the kit instructions.

The kit includes:

  • A beautiful magnetic closure box with ribbon handles
  • A string tie box containing 2 pouches of organic juniper berries and 2 pouches of Australian bush botanical blends
  • A string tie box containing 8 pouches of Australian bush food inspired gin garnishes (finger lime chips, muntries, organic juniper berries, red centre lime chips, riberries, Tasmanian pepper berries, quandongs and wild rosella flowers)
  • 700m glass bottle
  • Stainless steel funnel
  • Washable/reusable hemp filter
  • Full set of instructions
  • Periodic table of Australian bush botanicals
  • Two string tie labels to personalise your gin creations.

Our Eco-conscious Packaging is compostable in your home compost or worm farm.

To complete your order, you’ll need to choose two of our bush botanical blends.

Your selection includes:

  • Peppered Devil – a taste of the Australian bush with a devilish bite.
    • Ingredients: anise myrtle, cardamom, coriander, riberries, strawberry bush, sweet cinamell, Tasmanian pepper berries, Tasmanian pepper berry leaves, wattleseed.
  • All Tasmanian – Tasmanian natives or Tasmanian grown.
    • Ingredients: kunzea, lemon tea tree, native thyme, sea parsley, Tasmanian green tea, Tasmanian lavender, Tasmanian pepper berries, Tasmanian pepper berry leaves, black truffle, wild lettuce.
  • Wild Citrus – wild lime and native citrusy herbs.
    • Ingredients: coriander, finger lime powder, lemon myrtle, riberries, strawberry gum, Tasmanian pepper berries, tea tree.
  • Bush Berry – a combination of Australian bush berries and fragrant florals.
    • Ingredients: coriander, muntries, riberries, rosebuds, wild rosella flowers, strawberry gum, Tasmanian lavender, Tasmanian pepper berries.


How to make your own gin using our gin kits

Step 1 – acquire yourself a 700ml bottle of unflavoured vodka.

Step 2 – using the funnel, add one pouch of organic juniper berries to the bottle of vodka.  Seal, shake and leave to infuse for 24 hours.

Step 3 – after 24 hours, use the funnel to add one pouch of Australian bush botanicals, reseal the bottle, shake and leave to infuse for a further 12 hours.

Step 4 – using the funnel and hemp filter, carefully strain your gin into the bottle provided. Take care to remove all solids. Your artisan gin will possess a fabulous pink or golden hue imbued from the juniper and wonderful Australian bush botanicals.

Step 5 – personalise your gin bottle with the string tie label enclosed.

The gin kit provides enough ingredients to make two bottles of gin.

To drink

Pair with tonic or experiment with less traditional mixers such as ginger ale or bitter lemon. Try one of our bush tucker inspired garnishes to enhance or complement the signature bush botanicals. Enjoy!